Edmodo: Three reasons teachers should use it

edmodoEdmodo is an online social learning network for students, teachers, and districts. It provides a safe place for education stakeholders to communicate, collaborate, share ideas, access feedback, and explore curriculum with access from almost any Internet device.

I’ve been (and you probably have too) to a few workshops, conferences, and inservices about the 21st Century Learner, the Digital Generation, and/or using Web 2.0 to engage today’s students. Among the many resources they have put up on the screen and printed on the handouts, Edmodo has proven to be great.

Here’s why:

1. Students know how to use it.

Edmodo was designed to look and feel like social networking sites most students are already familiar with (it looks a lot like Facebook). I’ve had to spend very little time teaching my students how to use it. They just pick it up on their own and already know how to use many of its features. You don’t have to worry about student-to-student contact, because it’s not allowed. I find it really great for posting assignments and for receiving assignments submitted by students.

2. Easy to access.

Since it’s a web application students, teachers, and parents can get to it from any web browser on any computer connected to the Internet. Event students that can’t make it to class login so they don’t miss any information. Oh, and there’s even an app for that! They have a mobile web app, Android, and iPhone/iPod Touch app for instant access on-the-go!

Both student and teacher accounts can also receive notifications via email or text. When I post an assignment, alert, or feedback the students get it instantly on their phone! Now that’s timely feedback!

3. It’s free.

Yep. It’s a really great tool at a really great price. Teachers and students can signup for free accounts at http://edmodo.com. Schools and districts can setup an account/group so that teachers can create groups/classes within the larger organization. A lot of times I believe “you get what you pay for.” But not with Edmodo. It has become a tool I use for my classes on a daily basis. Plus, I know the developers aren’t giving up on it because it continues to get enhancements and updates that make it event better.

Here are a few screen shots from my teacher account:

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