Apple releases Lion & others into the wild

Today, Apple has released OSX Lion, refreshed products, and removed macbooks from its sleek lineup.

Here’s a brief rundown of the Apple news today.

OSX Lion

The new mac operating system. Top new features include:

It’s available today in the Mac App Store for $29.99. Make sure your mac is ready for the upgrade. Click this link to check it out in the Mac App Store.

More about OSX Lion:

Macbook Air

Apple’s thinnest notebook, the Macbook Air, has been refreshed with a few much-needed enhancements. It’s still available in two sizes 11.6″ & 13.3″ (diagonal). Here are the big enhancements:

I’ve been in the market for the Macbook Air, and both of these updates are really exciting to me. I have a Macbook Pro at work and at home, and the backlit keyboard is awesome!

More about the Macbook Air:

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is a sweet little mac computer you can connect to any monitor or HD TV. It’s been upgraded with the Intel Core i5 sandybridge processor (upgradeable to Core i7) and added the new Thunderbolt port for connecting to Thunderbolt display or peripherals. The optical SuperDrive (CD/DVD) has been removed.

More about the Mac Mini:

Thunderbolt Display

This is the new Cinema Display. It’s only available in 27″ size for $999. I think it’s the same as it’s predecessor, but now carries the “Thunderbolt” port. In addition to the new Thunderbolt port, it has three USB 2.0, FireWire 800, gigabit ethernet, and security slot.

More about Thunderbolt Display:

No more Macbooks, just Pros

Apple has apparently removed the regular Macbook notebooks from its lineup. They do not appear on Apple’s website. Remember, these are the plastic notebooks that came in white and black, then just white? Well, they are no more. I guess they’re leaving it to the Pros (Macbook Pros, that is).

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