Tired of Kahoot!? Try Quizlet Live

Are you and your students getting tired of Kahoot!? Has it lost it’s pizazz? If you’re wondering, “what is Kahoot?”… It’s a great (free) website to use as a class review game. Students get to use their mobile devices or computers to submit answers to multiple choice questions shown on a screen or teacher computer. It became popular in my school as it spread from classroom to classroom, and students have fun with it. But there are some setbacks with this tool…

Here’s where I tell you to go try Quizlet.com’s new Live feature! Today, in about 5 minutes, I was able to try it with my Intro to Computer Science class to review for a quiz. They (and I) loved it! Here are some highlights:

It’s quick and easy to get started. Like I mentioned earlier, I discovered it, found a great set (thanks Amanda Gillespie), and played it with my class today! They loved it!

You can learn more about Quizlet Live and view a demo here: http://quizlet.com/features/live

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