Snow Pusher Fixed!

Conduit used to stop the auger

So I live in Wisconsin, and us folks (along with others who live in cold areas) have to deal with this thing called snow accumulation. My dad owns two snow pushers; both are single-stage machines. One of them is a Craftsman something-or-other (pictured left), and it needed a new auger. So my dad ordered a new auger (which is not too cheap by-the-way) and we began to replace it.

I’m posting this because we had a heck of a time getting the old one off, and I thought I’d share our method…

My dad and I had the hardest time getting the auger off of the snow pusher. So the auger has a reverse thread (or one that is the opposite of “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey”). The blade will keep spinning when you attempt to loosen it from the end. In other words, we needed to stop the  blade from spinning in order to loosen it off. We found 2 pieces of conduit, about 3 feet in length, from the garage to put through an opening in the auger. The conduit pieces were just enough to keep it from spinning.

Next, you just have to loosen the auger. It took the two of us to break it free. One to crank on the wrench, and the other to hold the machine applying force in the opposite direction. Tip: eat some wheaties before attempting to remove the auger.

I understand this was an unusual post, but what the heck!? The Internet is an endless network of knowledge, and I might as well contribute something! I hope this post finds people in need of this specific solution.

Happy Winter!

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