iPhone 4 Pre-Ordered

Order Confirmation

Fist off- I know I haven’t posted in a long, looong time! I apologize for that and the fact that this one is also going to be quick and dirty (well, at least quick).

I’ve been trying to pre-order my iPhone 4 all day! I’ve checked into almost all methods (AT&T website, Apple Store website, AT&T store) with nearly no luck. After trying the Apple Store website over and over, keeping patience and perserverance, my order finally went through this evening.

Apple Store busy

Just a note for those who might have pre-ordered and decided to get it shipped to your door on June 24th: the package must be signed for upon delivery. Obviously, this is a security measure to make sure your new iPhone gets in the right hands. You can only get it shipped to the billing address on file with AT&T, so hopefully, you’ll be there on June 24th.

UPDATE: You do not have to be home to sign for the package if you complete the pre-signature form linked in one of Apple’s recent emails and post it on your front door.

UPDATE: I am one of the lucky (or not-so lucky) early adopters that received my iPhone before launch day. I received mine today, June 23rd, while the official launch day isn’t until June 24th. However, I’m not-so lucky because iTunes will not allow me to activate the device making it completely un-usable until activation can be completed. I predict they will begin allowing activation on the new devices tomorrow.

UPDATE: IT’S ACTIVATED! I couldn’t help but search the web for information on activating my new iPhone while I was waiting for midnight to tick on the clock. I came across this blog post that prompted me to restart my macbook pro and try activating with iTunes again. It worked! Just a simple restart. I wonder why…?

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