New logo, new theme

Here I go, trying to find little bits of free time to dedicate to my own projects that somehow always get pushed the back burner. Now that summer is (technically) here, my normal weekly workload (supposedly) decreases some. I’m teaching a new computer programming class for summer school. The material is new & a bit challenging at times since programming is not my usual thing. But my main goal is that the students are having fun while learning, and I think I’ve been successful so far.

Just before the regular school year let out, Danny, a sophomore student of mine was seeking an independent project. He was a great student in my website design class with amazing Photoshop skills and creativity for his age. I told him to make me a logo using my name or initials and a nautical anchor. Not only did he just give me a logo that met my demands, he was able to create variations of the logo for different uses. Some use color fills, some have transparent parts, some are simple, and some advanced gradient colors. His work is impressive. Take a look:

In addition to the new logo, I changed the entire design of my website. I changed it from a custom theme I created a couple years ago, to “Fifteen“, a WordPress theme by Rohit Tripathi. As much as I’d love to create another theme myself, time has restricted me to finding this beautiful one.

Leave a comment below about what you think of Danny’s logos and the new theme.

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