Life Hack – Catch the Crud

Life Hack - Catch the Crud

Have you ever searched Google or YouTube for “life hacks”? Some ideas and things you’ll find are quite innovative, some helpful, and some you’ll never use. For instance, in this video of summer life hacks, they show how to make custom snack bowls with bags of chips. Or, this video suggests a proper way to hold Oreos without getting messy!

There have been a couple life hacks that I’ve come across lately, so I thought I’d share them in a “Life Hacks” series on my website. The first hack I’m sharing is how to easily “catch the crud” when drilling into a wall. When drilling into many surfaces, the debris falls onto the clean carpet or tile flooring. This requires getting out the vacuum or rags to clean up the mess. This hack will help with that.

I’ve seen some people suggest holding a vacuum hose right up close near the drilling area to catch the dust, however, I usually need both hands to drill straight and accurately. Just use a piece of tape, preferably painter’s tape, to catch the dust & debris. Just fold the tape at approximately 90 degrees to create a shelf. When finished, just gently pull the tape and throw away. That’s it!

Just the other day, I was drilling holes into the bathroom walls to install towel racks, and I had just finished painting and saw the painters tape sitting out. That’s when the lightbulb went off. It worked out very well, and made for easy clean-up. Give it a try (when you have holes to drill, of course). For projects with larger amounts of crud, use an adhesive #10 envelope to stick to the wall.

More life hacks coming! Stay tuned…

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