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Here’s a little story about how I was voted Blizzard Lighting‘s Basement Hero 2015.

In October 2014, I saw Blizzard’s post about this Basement Hero Contest. Having just purchased five of their SkyBox EXAs, I was quite interested in the contest (not to mention all the free stuff I would get if I won). They were seeking an individual (preferably a DJ) with an HD camera, a passion for lights, time to make reviews, and ability to post them on YouTube. I was thinking, “This sounds like me!”, and “What do I have to lose?”

So, I grabbed my iPhone, a tripod, my new SkyBox EXA and headed to the garage. After recording take, after take, after take, after take (I think I’m a little bit of a perfectionist) I edited and finished my submission video and sent it in to Blizzard.

Sometime after submitting my video, I received an email stating I was a top three finalist. The winner is then chosen by online votes. So I headed to social media and asked friends and family to vote. After watching my lead go up and down for two weeks (which seemed like a month), I won!

I’m excited to be the Basement Hero 2015! So excited, that I wanted to meet the people behind the brand. Conveniently, Blizzard HQ is only about an hour away. On New Years Eve, I took to the road, to see the space and the people behind Blizzard. I had a great time! I learned about the company and got to see first hand how its going through growing pains (a good thing). Blizzard is planning to move into a new facility in a year or two. If you think the products are great, the people are great too! I got to talk to some of their awesome employees and enjoyed lunch with them too. Before leaving, they honored me with an official Basement Hero sash and had me hold a few random object from around the warehouse for a quick photo…

If you’re interested in seeing my reviews on Blizzard Lighting’s new products, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting about one each month. There are a few posted already, so go check them out!

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