Don’t Let Your Email Habits Ruin Your Reputation

This post is inspired by this really great article I read recently, “7 Email Habits You Need To Break.” The author discusses things like reply-all, subject lines, one-liners, and your signature. The author makes some great suggestions to improve your communication habits.

If you don’t know by now- everyone judges you. We live in a world where first impressions are critical to opportunity. Your reputation can get you that dream job, promotion, or amazing opportunity. Yet, your reputation can also get between you and those things. Are you thinking about your reputation in all the right places?

Your email habits might be conveying a message you didn’t mean to send

When you think about your reputation and first impressions, you probably think about the way you dress for an interview, your hairstyle, or maybe the design of your business card. However, I’d bet many of us interact with more people online than we do face-to-face, which, makes our digital reputations very important. Consider your Facebook profile, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Also the statuses, photos, and tweets you send. Are you creating a good representation of yourself, and what you’re good at?

When sending an email, ask yourself who needs to receive the information you’re sending and only send it to those individuals.

Email is possibly one of the most used forms of communication when considering we use it both for personal and business. We click send and reply so many times a day without really putting much thought into it. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “it’s all about who you know.” Most of the people I interact with have landed their current job through someone they know. People, relationships, and impressions are important. Think about your professional image, your brand, your reputation before the next time you click ‘send.’

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