Review: AtmosFEAR Hex Jet by Blizzard Lighting

The AtmosFEAR Hex Jet is Blizzard Lighting’s 1500 watt vertical fogger. It’s 12 – 15 watt LEDs illuminate the 25-foot blasts of fog creating a unique and exciting effect.

This vertical fogger is great for many applications. Bands and small production companies will love adding this visual effect to the show. DJs can offer this add-on to create an exciting grand entrance for weddings, high school athletic events, and corporate events.

One of its notable characteristics is the long emit time. It send blasts of fog up to 25 feet in the air for about 35-40 seconds continuously. Blizzard makes two types of Blizz Whizz fluid for the machine. The haze fluid creates a nice dense blast, then dissipates quickly. The fog fluid also has a thick blast, then hangs around the room for a while, creating an effect of its own. The fluid reservoir is pretty large to reduce refilling, and is secured with two screws.

It has options for control. The AtmosFEAR can be controlled by manual 6-button display, 3-pin DMX, and a wireless remote (included).

My thoughts:

For specs and more info on the AtmosFEAR Hex Jet, head over to Blizzard’s website.

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