Frostbite Flight

I had to have come pretty close to frostbite during this flight. This winter has seemed very long, and I’ve been itching to get out and fly my DJI Phantom. Today was a picture perfect day, but don’t let the beautiful scene fool you! It was only a few degrees. The simple solution to my frostbite problem…gloves. It was a short flight, but put my itch to fly at ease; at least for a little while.

Enjoy my frostbite flight!

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Review: Lil’ G by Blizzard Lighting

The Lil’ G is Blizzard’s full-feature, mini moving head. I think it’s perfect for DJs who want a big light show without the big, bulky lights, or price tag. These small movers are bright (40w LED) and pack a bunch of features. Many of the features the Lil’ G has are common in larger moving head lights. They’re s’cute, you’ll just want to hold them and put them everywhere!

My thoughts:

For photos, specs and more info on the Lil’ G, head over to Blizzard’s website.

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Happy Birthday, Steve!

steve-b-dayIf there was one celebrity, leader, or person I wish I could meet or have lunch with…it would be Steve Jobs. Today, Steve would have turned 60 (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011). His genius in marketing and leadership amaze me. He lead people to achieve greatness. It is through his leadership that products emerged and changed several industries: music, movies, mobile phones, and mobile computing. Steve changed our world.

Over the last few years, I’ve gathered videos on YouTube of/about Steve and Apple and put them into a playlist. If you only have time to watch one, watch the first one. Steve talks about life.

Don’t Let Your Email Habits Ruin Your Reputation

This post is inspired by this really great article I read recently, “7 Email Habits You Need To Break.” The author discusses things like reply-all, subject lines, one-liners, and your signature. The author makes some great suggestions to improve your communication habits.

If you don’t know by now- everyone judges you. We live in a world where first impressions are critical to opportunity. Your reputation can get you that dream job, promotion, or amazing opportunity. Yet, your reputation can also get between you and those things. Are you thinking about your reputation in all the right places?

Your email habits might be conveying a message you didn’t mean to send

When you think about your reputation and first impressions, you probably think about the way you dress for an interview, your hairstyle, or maybe the design of your business card. However, I’d bet many of us interact with more people online than we do face-to-face, which, makes our digital reputations very important. Consider your Facebook profile, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Also the statuses, photos, and tweets you send. Are you creating a good representation of yourself, and what you’re good at?

When sending an email, ask yourself who needs to receive the information you’re sending and only send it to those individuals.

Email is possibly one of the most used forms of communication when considering we use it both for personal and business. We click send and reply so many times a day without really putting much thought into it. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “it’s all about who you know.” Most of the people I interact with have landed their current job through someone they know. People, relationships, and impressions are important. Think about your professional image, your brand, your reputation before the next time you click ‘send.’

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Review: Kontrol 6 Skywire by Blizzard Lighting

Another review for ‘ya. This is the compact, easy-to-use DMX lighting controller, the Kontrol 6 Skywire. It has a Skywire wireless DMX transmitter built-in! This controller makes it very easy to control your LED uplights. See how in this video…

For more info on Kontrol 6 Skywire, head over to Blizzard’s website.

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Review: SkyBox Chroma by Blizzard Lighting

As you may well know by now from my previous post, I am the “Official Review Guy” for Blizzard Lighting. This is my first review video of many this year. This first product is the SkyBox Chroma. It’s a unique fixture with its deco design, and uplighting qualities. This light beats any uplight fixture you’ve seen. It boasts an internal, long-life, Intelion lithium-ion battery system, 9- 15watt 6-in-1 LEDs (RGBAW+UV), wireless DMX, and a stunning white acrylic box design. See more in the video…

For photos, specs, and more info, head over to Blizzard’s website.

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